Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Fundraising Events

Last year, individuals, establishments, and businesses gave more than $450 billion to American charity organizations. 

This year, between lockdowns and social distancing, most charity events were canceled until further notice. As a result, many fundraisers were concerned about the stability of the non-profit industry. 

COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted businesses and individuals all over the world. The nonprofit sector is no different. However, many nonprofits turned to a virtual fundraising business model to raise money during these uncertain times.

This article will discuss:

  • What virtual fundraising events are
  • The benefits of online fundraising
  • How to organize virtual fundraising events

First, let’s talk about…

What Virtual Fundraising Events Are

In simplest terms, a virtual fundraiser is an online charity event. Virtual fundraisers replicate in-person galas, walk-a-thons, charity concerts and more events. Online fundraising events allow philanthropists to gather online using video, live-streaming and fundraising software. 

Social media events, donation match drives and SMS campaigns – to name a few – all fall under the umbrella of virtual fundraising. Over the past year, online fundraising has skyrocketed. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online giving has grown by more than 12% over the last year. Overall, donations have increased by more than 4% worldwide. That makes 2020 the 6th consecutive year of growth for online giving, according to stats gathered by Double the Donation.  

What do so many event organizers find enticing about virtual fundraising? Let’s see…

1. Simple Donation Process For Donors

By employing an online donation tool, you enable donors to donate any sum they want in a matter of minutes. Instead of exchanging multiple emails or making several phone calls, the donors can simply enter their payment information, press the “submit” button and send their donation. 

2. Leveraging Traditional Online Tools

As of 2020, 95% of people in the US have Internet access. Virtual fundraising events allow you to modernize your strategy and expose new benefactors to your goal. Without an online strategy, you’re missing out on potential donors who may view your organization as outdated. 

3. Offering Flexible Payment Options

Virtual fundraising allows donors to give as much as they want when they want, and most importantly, how they want. A virtual fundraising platform helps you accept credit cards for donations online. Nowadays, you have to make things as convenient as possible for your donors. 

The Benefits of Virtual Fundraising Events

Are you considering redirecting your focus to virtual fundraising? Is it smart to focus on fundraising while so many people are operating under various COVID-19 restrictions? Do you need to wait until the pandemic is overr? No, there’s no need to wait for anything.

In fact, virtual fundraising will be beneficial beyond the pandemic. Below are a few benefits of hosting virtual fundraising events online.

1. Virtual Fundraising Events Reach More Donors 

Traditional fundraising events typically connect you with the philanthropists in your local area. You depend on attendees to spread the word about your charity and attract new donors. With online fundraising, you enable people from all over the world to support your cause and make a donation anytime.

2. Online Event Logistics are Much Simpler

When done right, in-person events can help you successfully raise money for your cause. However, this is easier said than done. Planning and executing an in-person fundraising event requires a lot of time and effort. Virtual events do not have nearly as many logistics. They do not require you to show up early to set up chairs or worry about when the catering will arrive. 

3. Fundraising Software is User-Friendly 

You do not have to be a tech wizard in order to plan and execute a successful virtual fundraising event. Event management and fundraising platforms like Ticket Falcon enable you to create a full fundraising event in 3 simple steps:

  • Fill in the event information and create an eye-catching fundraising (event) page
  • Promote your fundraiser on social media and it email using Ticket Falcon’s marketing tools  
  • Track visitors, message donors and run reports at anytime

How to Host Virtual Fundraising Events Online

Whether you are working on your first virtual fundraising event from scratch or you are trying to rework a traditional charity event into an internet-based one, you will most likely encounter some challenges. Virtual fundraising requires a different approach to everything from selecting a streaming platform to online marketing.

The following lists a few tips for hosting virtual fundraising events online…

1. Optimize Your Campaign for Mobile Devices

In 2020, more than 50% of all internet traffic came from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. There’s a good chance some of your donors will use their mobile device to access your virtual fundraiser. To make things easier for them, you should optimize your fundraising web page for mobile devices. 

2. Invest in a Great Virtual Fundraising Platform

Although this might be an unexpected cost for many, investing in a professional fundraising platform can help your event significantly. It will give your organization a solid foundation to build campaigns and fully leverage the benefits we discussed above. 

3. Use Pre-recorded Video As Much As Possible 

When planning virtual events, one of the biggest considerations is whether to have conducted your fundraising event live or not. During live events, many things can go wrong. Your audio/video could start lagging, the speaker could get nervous and stumble among others. You can significantly mitigate this by using pre-recorded videos. Your keynote speakers can record their speeches in advance, you can add music and graphics and interact with attendees while the video plays. 

Create Memorable Virtual Fundraising Experiences!

Even though hosting in-person fundraising events is a challenge given the pandemic, you can still raise money for your organization via virtual fundraising events.

To make sure your fundraising event is a success, you will need a platform that:

  • Maximizes engagement in the virtual world
  • Raises more awareness for your cause 
  • Engages donors and maximize fundraising revenue

A platform that can help you achieve your fundraising goals is Ticket Falcon. With our platform, you will be able to raise money online, expand your reach and more easily reach your fundraising goals. Ticket Falcon is suitable for nonprofits, businesses and charity organizations of all sizes.

With the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of Ticket Falcon, you will have the tools to reach your fundraising goal(s) in no time.

Ticket Falcon®

Ticket Falcon®

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