Reserved Seating

Easily create beautiful seating charts for any size venue.

Mark seats for sale or not for sale with our simple reserved seating back office management tools.

Easily Design Seating Charts

Select one or multiple objects to move them or change their attributes together.

Freely select seats across rows and tables to change their attributes.

Add, move and remove nodes from polygon shaped objects like sections and general admission areas.

Include rectangular or circular tables with bookable seats or wholly bookable tables.

Define general admission areas with adjustable capacity in various shapes.

Draw various shapes with labels and icons, to represent relevant points within the venue.

Reserved Seating Toolbox

Let attendees choose their seats

Automate reserved seating events for expos, conventions, galas, music concerts, dinners, plays, sporting events, performance, movie theaters and more.

Avoid double bookings

Real-time availability updates ensure that ticket buyers cannot book the same seat twice. Each booking corresponds to the correct ticket purchase.

Temporaily hold seats

Seats are held for the ticket buyer while making a selection until they are booked or time out.

Create customized seating charts

Use any of our handcrafted color palettes to make your charts more attractive while maximizing their accessibility, since all palettes are colorblind proof.

Create seating charts for any size venue

Use sections to draw a huge stadium or general admission areas for concerts, tables for a gala, or trade booths for all sorts of events.

Trace over an existing reference chart

The reference chart tool helps you find the right scale and row spacing to match your existing floor plan. Save time and minimize errors by drawing on top of an existing floor plan.

Format charts with ease

Copy and paste between charts. Align or evenly space objects. Snap to grid and geometry. Undo, redo, rotate or mirror. The chart designer has a makes it easier to draw seating charts.

Design your seating chart today

Create your seating chart via our seating chart designer tool, all from your browser.