Ticket Falcon Empowers Organizers to Host Successful General Admission Reserved Seating Experiences from Start to Finish.
  • Secure, Easy to Use Online Event Management and Ticketing Platform

    Create an event in minutes and sell tickets to your event via our platform

  • Direct Payouts

    Create an event, sell tickets and receive profit immediately via our verified Stripe partnership

  • Create a seating chart and enable attendees to pick their own seat

  • Easily change an attendee's seat from the event dashboard

  • No Setup Fees

    Customize your event page at no cost

  • Scan QR Codes for Seamless Check-In

    Easily check-in attendees by scanning their ticket QR code(s)

  • One easy-to-use event check-in app (iOS / Android) for event organizers and attendees

  • Team Management / Multi User Access

    Add additional users to your Ticket Falcon account by granting them access and permissions without sharing your login credentials

  • Access Tickets from Any Device

    Sign in and download tickets from any mobile, laptop, desktop and tablet device

  • Choose Who Pays the Ticketing Fees

    Choose to absorb the ticketing fees, pass the fees on to the ticket buyer or let the ticket buyer decide (for donation ticket types)

  • Pass Credit Card Fees On To Ticket Buyers

    Easily charge ticket buyers credit card fees to offset costs

  • Taxes

    **Coming Soon** Pass taxes onto ticket buyers during checkout

  • Attendee and Event Organizer Self Service

    Manage events and ticket purchases

  • Sub Event Pages

    Create special sub event pages for sponsors, companies, organizations and ticket buyers who require specific ticket types unbeknownst to regular ticket buyers

  • Bulk Edit Attendee Data

    Quickly edit your attendee data from your browser using copy and paste, drag and drop, and more

  • Enable Ticket Buyers to Edit Attendee Data

    Allow ticket buyers to edit their attendee data

  • Accept All Major Credit Cards

    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club cards are accepted

  • Accept Apple Pay

    Ticket buyers can pay for their order without entering a credit card via Apple Pay

  • Accept Google Pay

    Ticket buyers can pay for their order without entering a credit card via Google Pay

  • Accept Link by Stripe

    Ticket buyers can checkout faster by saving their payment information

  • Accept Cash App Pay

    Ticket buyers can pay for their order via their Cash App balance or linked debit card

  • Accept Offline Payments by Check

    Collect offline check payments from one platform

  • Manually Add Attendees

    Add attendees to your event and be in complete control of your guest list

  • Accept ACH Debit

    Connect your bank account to make payments using ACH Direct Debit

  • Set Your Price Ticket Types

    Allow attendees to set their own ticket price when ordering tickets to your event

  • Resend Order Confirmation Emails

    Easily resend an attendee's order confirmation email and PDF tickets from your event dashboard

  • Capture Attendee Data: First Name, Last Name Email, Phone Number and More

    Easily capture attendee data and choose which information is required or optional

  • Custom Survey Questions

    Learn about your attendees by collecting custom personal or demographic information during the ticket buying process

  • Collect Donations

    Raise funds from your event page

  • Set Suggested Donation Preset Levels

    Create suggested donation levels (presets) to provide quick options for ticket buyers/donors to click on when donating to your organization/cause

  • Sell Add Ons

    Sell additional items like drink tickets, food vouchers, merchandise, VIP upggades, parking passes and more

  • Simple Pricing

    Services fees are transparent

  • Guest Checkout

    Attendees can complete their order without creating an account or logging in

  • Quick Checkout

    Allow attendees to purchase day of tickets faster by bypassing the cart page for the checkout page

  • Display Sponsor Logos

    Display sponsor logos on your event page and categorize them by sponsorship level

  • Intuitive and Mobile-Friendly Website

    Conveniently access Ticket Falcon from any device

  • Multiple Ticket Types

    Create as many ticket types as needed for your event

  • Reveal Ticket Types

    Create links to easily reveal hidden, secret or visible ticket types with your attendees

  • Confirmation Emails

    Attendees and event organizers automatically receive an email confirmation with each order

  • Resend Ticket(s) from Event Page

    Resend ticket(s) from the event page by entering the Ticket Buyer's email address

  • PDF Tickets

    PDF tickets with QR code are attached to the attendee order confirmation email

  • Event Reminder Emails

    Automatically remind attendees 24 hours, 1 hour and/or 15 minutes before the start date/time of your event with QR code(s) for check-in

  • Email Attendees

    Contact attendees from your event organizer dashboard

  • Event Check-In System

    Quickly check-in guests by utilizing your event dashboard or Ticket Falcon app

  • Attendee Reports

    Keep up-to-date on attendee information in real-time

  • Order/Payout Summary Reports

    Track key metrics about ticket sales and payouts via the event organizer dashboard

  • Export Reports to Excel

    Export all reports to Excel for more advanced reporting

  • Custom Event Page URL

    Create a custom URL to market your event

  • Discount Codes

    Provide attendees with coupon codes to reduce ticket prices

  • Share Event on Social Media

    Promote your event on social media platforms

  • Duplicate Event

    Save time by copying any of your existing or past events

  • Duplicate Ticket Type(s)

    Quickly copy ticket types either when duplicating an event or creating a new one

  • Password Protect Event

    Secure event page with password

  • Embedded Checkout

    Sell tickets directly from your website

  • Message Attendees

    Easily email your attendees through Ticket Falcon

  • Refund Attendees

    Process refunds from your Ticket Falcon event organizer dashboard

  • Refund Policy

    Display standard or custom refund policy to ticket buyers on event page

  • Cancel Events

    Easily refund attendees with one click should you ever need to cancel your event

  • Postpone Events

    Quickly postpone your event if you do not want to cancel it and need additional time to solidify a new date, time and/or location

  • Low Stock and Out of Stock Notices

    Receive reminder emails as soon as your ticket type is low in stock or out of stock

  • Organizer Profile Page

    Create an organizer profile page to group events together via a dedicated URL

  • Event Collections

    Showcase your related, curated events in one place