Ticket Falcon: A New Way to Host Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Events

Ticket Falcon is an online event management and ticketing platform that provides instant payouts to their event organizers’ Stripe accounts. Evolutionary, Ticket Falcon is the only Black-owned and minority certified business of its kind. Ticket Falcon’s signature is assigned to the end game envisioned for its stakeholders: Offering organizers and attendees a space to create and host virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

Ticket Falcon provides users with innovative, cost-effective solutions to counteract escalating event ticket prices. Ticket Falcon did not join its industry competitors in increasing ticket service fees. Instead, in contrast, Ticket Falcon refuses to charge expensive monthly service, cancellation, or incremental payout fees to event organizers or attendees. The platform’s goal ensures that more memorable experiences happen for event organizers and attendees.

Ticket Falcon instant payouts, via a verified partnership with Stripe, is key to effectively managing an event organizer’s cash flow. At Ticket Falcon, event organizers receive swift payouts from event ticket sales, which is transferred directly into their Stripe account, enabling the event organizer to meet operational expenses.

Ticket Falcon is strikingly different from industry competitors that withhold payouts until several days after the event and charge excessive service fees for event tickets. Payout delays are taxing and inopportune for event organizers, especially if forced to make out-of-pocket transactions that impact both the quality and magnitude of their events.

Ticket Falcon offers unique features that cater to event organizers and attendees. The platform allows attendees to purchase tickets to various events at the same time. Whereas other platforms only allow attendees to purchase different event tickets individually, inevitably forcing attendees to spend more time completing transactions. Ticket Falcon also automatically processes refunds for attendees when an organizer cancels an event. This advantageous resource arms event organizers with an expedient way to remedy unforeseen circumstances.

Ticket Falcon believes building strong relationships with event organizers is invaluable. Relationships developed between Ticket Falcon, event organizers, and attendees are both mutual and interdependent. Event organizers own the attendee data collected on Ticket Falcon, which is pivotal to an organizer’s success. Ticket Falcon’s vital relationship with attendees solidifies its position on refusing to sell attendee data to a third party. Moreover, feedback from organizers and attendees helps improve and enhance the Ticket Falcon platform.

Ticket Falcon built a successful partnership. Ticket Falcon’s strategic partnership with Stripe created a simple yet effective way for event organizers to accept secure payments online. This union helps alleviate event cash flow barriers. Ticket Falcon also streamlines the process of ticketing and event management for the expanding communities it regularly serves.

Try Ticket Falcon today and experience: A New Way to Host Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Events.

Ticket Falcon®

Ticket Falcon®

Ticket Falcon is an online event registration and management platform for general admission and reserved seating events that provides direct payouts to your Stripe account. Ticket Falcon is a Stripe Verified Technology Partner and a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). We are a cost-effective solution with transparent pricing for everyone - no hidden fees, no contracts, and ZERO fees for free events. Get started by creating an event today.