Demystifying Iframe’s “Unsafe Attempt to Initiate Navigation” Browser Console Error Message

Have you ever encountered a cryptic error message like “Unsafe attempt to initiate navigation for frame with origin…” while browsing the web? It might sound ominous, but understanding this message can empower you to navigate online safely. Let’s decode this cryptic phrase and unravel the security concerns it represents.

Web Origins and the Walls Between Them:

The web is a vast interconnected network, but websites aren’t just random neighbors. They exist in “origins,” defined by their domain name and protocol (e.g., Imagine these origins as walled garden communities, each with its rules and access limitations.

Framing the Error:

An “iframe” is an HTML element that allows embedding one document within another, facilitating the integration of external content seamlessly into a webpage. The error message appears when a website inside an iframe (guest) tries to navigate (change its URL) without permission from the website hosting the iframe (host). This attempted navigation could be through JavaScript or other means.

Why We Need Walls:

This restriction exists for security reasons. Imagine a malicious website embedded in an iframe on a trusted website. If the malicious iframe could freely navigate, it could redirect you to phishing sites or steal your data. The “walls” between origins prevent such nefarious activities.

Understanding the Message:

The error message tells us three key things:

  1. A guest (iframe) tried to navigate.
  2. The guest’s origin (website address) differs from the host’s.
  3. The navigation attempt was unauthorized.

What Now?

Seeing this error doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in immediate danger. However, it’s a red flag indicating potential security concerns:

  • The website embedding the iframe might be poorly coded or compromised.
  • The iframe itself might be malicious.
  • The navigation attempt could be a legitimate interaction gone wrong.

Staying Safe:

Here’s how you can stay safe:

  • Be cautious about websites with embedded iframes, especially unfamiliar ones.
  • Avoid clicking on links within iframes, especially if they seem suspicious.
  • Keep your browser and operating system updated with the latest security patches.
  • Report the error to the website owner if you suspect a problem.


A =

B =


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) bridges the gap between websites, allowing different domains to securely share resources and build richer, more integrated web applications (i.e., iframes). Web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge indicate CORS policies. CORS errors will appear in the browser developer console. Here is an example of what will work in terms of embedding iframes vs. what will not work. The following list is predicated on the appropriate header responses of any of the website’s servers below (i.e. same-origin policy):

  1. Website A can embed an iframe from website B.
  2. Website A can embed an iframe from website C.
  3. Website B can embed an iframe from website A.
  4. Website B can embed an iframe from website C.
  5. Website A cannot embed an iframe from website B with a destination on website C or any derivative. This will cause the “Unsafe attempt to initiate navigation for frame with origin…” error message in the browser developer console. An error could be thrown on desktop but not mobile – it’s up to each browser and its respective CORS policies.

If you experience the “Unsafe Attempt to Initiate Navigation” error message on your website when embedding the Ticket Falcon embed code, your website, web content management system or website builder likely changed the origin/source of the embedded website’s iframe source URL. This tends to occur with older web content management systems. The best action is to contact your website provider for resolution.

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