Edit Attendee Data with Bulk Editor Tool

Over the years, we received numerous requests to enable event organizers to access attendee data through a browser in a spreadsheet-like way. We are pleased to announce that we listened and built this capability. We are currently beta-testing the feature. Contact us if you want to try/test it; we will enable it for your event.

Once the Bulk Edit feature is enabled, event organizers (and those with event manager access) will see a new Bulk Edit link on the event dashboard.

After clicking the Bulk Edit link, attendee data will appear via an online spreadsheet editor. Text in black can be edited, while grey text cannot. Feel free to search, filter and edit the data. Updates are saved in real time. This tool is excellent for quickly updating attendee data across various ticket types. For example, say you need to update one of the answer selections for a survey question you created previously. You can easily search for the answer you want to update in the online spreadsheet and then update the answer selection for those attendees who ordered already. You can copy and paste, drag and drop, or type in the data manually, just like Excel.

By default, the “seating” column is disabled. If you have a use case to edit seating data, let us know, and we can activate this field for you to edit.

Please note that the Bulk Edit tool does not show updates in real-time across multiple devices. We have not enabled the real-time collaboration capability as of yet. Also, if you make a mistake while updating attendee data in the spreadsheet, there are undo and redo buttons to help return the spreadsheet to the state before the mistake was made.

Ticket Falcon®

Ticket Falcon®

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