Shield Your Business From Card Testing Fraud and Chargebacks With Stripe Radar

Do not let card testing damage your income and reputation. Stripe Radar is here to help with its cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and customizable rules to block sneaky fraudsters so you can focus on success.

What is card testing?

Imagine thieves trying out stolen credit card numbers on your website before making bigger purchases elsewhere. That’s card testing, and it can drain your resources, damage your reputation, and trigger chargebacks.

Here’s how Stripe Radar stops them:

  • Machine learning muscles: Stripe Radar’s brainiac algorithms analyze data like a pro, identifying suspicious patterns that indicate card testing attempts and preventing chargebacks before they occur.
  • Real-time protection: Block these attempts in real-time with Stripe Radar, ensuring your hard-earned profit stays safe, and you do not face the hassle of disputes.
  • Boost your bottom line: Less fraud means more profit. Stripe Radar helps losses and maximizes income when configured appropriately for your business.
  • Peace of mind: Sleep soundly, knowing your transactions are secure. Focus on growing your business, not fighting fraud or dealing with chargebacks.
  • Insights and reports: Get detailed data on attempted card testing and potential chargeback situations to refine your defenses and stay ahead of the curve.

Empower your defenses with these powerful Stripe Radar rules:

  • Block payments exceeding a certain amount: Set a limit based on your average order value to flag suspiciously high transactions (a common card testing tactic).
  • Review payments from unfamiliar countries: Minimize risk by manually vetting orders originating from unexpected locations where stolen cards are often sold.
  • Require 3D Secure for high-risk transactions: Add an extra layer of security for payments deemed suspicious by Stripe Radar, including potential card testing attempts.
  • Block payments with mismatched billing addresses: Protect yourself from stolen card information by checking cardholder details. Inconsistent information often indicates card testing.
  • Review payments with multiple failed authorization attempts: Flag potential testing or fraudulent activity by suspicious card usage patterns, like repeated failed attempts.
  • Require CVV and zip code match: This powerful rule ensures the cardholder provides the correct three-digit CVV code and billing zip code associated with the card. This adds an extra layer of verification and helps prevent fraudulent transactions using stolen card information.

Do not be a victim. Stop card testers in their tracks, prevent chargebacks, and thrive with Stripe Radar. Visit Stripe’s Chargeback Protection page and discover how Stripe Radar can empower your business to succeed.

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