Check-in Attendees and Scan Ticket QR Codes from Any Browser

Oct 24, 2021 Event Organizers, New Feature, Ticket Falcon
By Ashton Clark

We are proud to announce our new browser-based check-in system! Event Organizers can now check-in attendees from any browser on any device. To access the new browser-based check-in tool, click on the new “Check-in” link from the manage events page. Below is a screen shot of this new functionality.



  1. Click on the QR image to scan in attendees via their ticket QR code from your browser
  2. Click on the “Check-in” button to manually check-in attendees with their name and/or order number

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about our new browser-based check-in tool, let us know. Event Organizers can still access our original check-in page (for now) from the event dashboard page.